squirrly seo plugin get 100% per page

squirrly seo plugin

The next step in optimizing your post is really where Squirrly shines. The Squirrly SEO Live Assistant walks you through every step in generating your content so it is search engine friendly.Squirrly LIVE SEO Assistant The plugin flashes either green or red text and updates in real-time as you add content to your post. The plugin uses a proven algorithm to ensure your article is updated with only White Hat SEO techniques. An important factor that gets missed all too often is understanding the right amount of content to add to each post. If you have too little content, you wont be recognized by search engines. If your content goes on and on, you will find it harder and harder to rank for the keywords your need to. Squirrly SEO understands this importance, and tells you what the efficient amount of content should be.


I have always found it to be very time consuming when narrowing down the keywords or phrases to optimize your content with. There are plenty external software programs you can invest in to make this process easier, but can be extremely pricey. Squirrly SEO lets you do your keyword research without leaving your post editor. In screenshot above, I narrowed down my keyword phrase for this post. Squirrly SEO finds the most effective phrases with your keywords and lists them in sequential order. The engine then shows you what phrases are trending and how much competition each one has. I narrowed down the most relevant phrase for this post, and have optimized the content for the phrase “squirrly seo plugin software program“. We will see how this post ranks in the coming months.

 squirrly seo plugin

About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to write a review of the Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin. As with all of our reviews, we gave this product it’s due justice over this past month. I have to say, that I am extremely impressed with the quality of this tool. More than how effective this tool is, it is unbelievably easy to use. Here’s how it works:


Click here for a full review of how it works 


squirrly seo plugin

squirrly seo plugin


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  1. Andreea Leau says:

    We are glad to hear that you consider Squirrly is a must try SEO plugin. Thank you for the review on our plugin. – Squirrly Team

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